Positive organizational culture

Should organizations do all they can to establish a positive culture, because it works, or is building positive culture manipulative? Your assignment is to write an 8 page paper arguing both points and ending with the role of management in the establishment of the organizational culture, incorporating the four functions of management (as described in chapter 1 of your textbook) into this portion of the discussion. • The first section should argue that an organization should do all they can to establish a positive culture. • The next section should argue that building a positive culture is manipulative. • This section should discuss the role of management in creating an organization’s culture. Incorporate the four functions of management into this section of your paper. Additionally, although global managers perform the same basic functions as domestic managers (planning, organizing, leading, controlling), in what ways might they need to adjust for more variables and environments when operating in a foreign market (e.g., planning to export; planning stages of different cultures; controlling language barriers or differing legal requirements) I do not want a title page. Please just include your name, email address, and date in the top left-hand corner of the first page only. Papers should be double-spaced, 12 point font, Times New Roman with 1” margins on all four sides. Supporting documentation is required: A minimum of 6 peer-reviewed references must be cited within the paper – two peer-reviewed references for each of the three sections listed above. The peer-reviewed references should be cited within the paper using APA format for the citations within the paper and on the reference page. You may provide as many additional references as you like, as long as you meet the minimum number listed above. Again, the paper should be 8 pages in length. The reference page will count as page number 9.

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