Polyamory rhetorical analysis

Choose a speech or website that you have not previously analyzed for this class and provide a rhetorical analysis for that work. This speech or website should be somehow related to the topic of your research paper. To answer this prompt effectively, you will need to write an essay of approximately 500 words. Keep in mind the basics of rhetorical analysis, such as pathos, ethos, and logos, as well as the different types of rhetoric, such as visual or spatial. You will need to include at least two credible, reliable sources in addition to the speech or website you are analyzing and cite those sources using APA or MLA format. This essay should have the overall format of a regular essay, which means that it should have an introduction with a clear arguable thesis statement, as many body paragraphs as you need to effectively discuss the points you want to make, and a strong conclusion. You must also include a References list.

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