Eat Out to Help Out No Longer Valid

Assignment— You will write a high-quality, persuasive proposal. Your proposal should convince your readers that they have a problem serious enough to require a solution. You will offer a solution by first building a convincing case, demonstrating the soundness of your approach. Your proposal should include the following elements: Cover page (on a separate page) — lists the following information: 1. Title page 2. Title of your proposal 3. Who you are submitting your proposal to along with her/his title 4. Your name and title 5. Current date Table of contents (on a separate page) —lists the contents of your proposal. There are required sections and optional sections (those that are optional are denoted with an asterisk): · Executive Summary (on a separate page) —Gives a brief overview of what you’re planning on proposing, including the elements listed below All headers from this point on are synchronous on the page—meaning not on a separate page · Problem (part of your introduction) —discusses the current situation, then clearly states problem or need for change · Purpose/benefits (part of your introduction) —presents goal and importance of your proposal. This section can also stress the benefits that influenced your decision to write your proposal · Other proposal headings (part of main text) —what/how are you going to go about generating your proposal. Some optional headings include the following: projected costs/budget*, timeline*, technical details*, training requirements*, responsibilities*, undesirable consequences of not accepting the proposal*, ethical dimensions* (why is this the right thing to do?), feasibility/practicality of your proposal* · Conclusion/recommendations (part of main text) —brief statement summarizing your proposal explanation of proposed solution, and extending goodwill to the recipient Outside sources (Include a Works Cited page) — Support your appeal with relevant facts, statistics, and examples. Your supporting evidence must lead logically, even inevitably, to your conclusions and your proposed solution. You must use at least three outside sources for your proposal, but they must augment, not be the focus of, your proposal. A good outside source helps you explain some of the details of your proposal, but the outside sources are only there in a supporting capacity, and your proposal should make sense even without the outside sources. Your proposal will be graded in part on how well you analyze a problem and propose to solve it, and excessive reliance on outside sources will have a negative effect on your grade.

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