Reaction Paper-African-American Odyssey

The textbook we use is African-American Odyssey, The, Combined Volume (Subscription) Darlene Clark Hine; William C. Hine; Stanley C. Harrold REACTION PAPER: TEST #3 DIRECTIONS: For this paper, discuss the two topic areas below. In your discussion of each topic area, address at least three things that were of special interest to you. Your discussion must be in your own words-no quotes; use paraphrasing where needed. Your assignment will the checked for plagiarism; plagiarism will result in a grade of zero for the assignment, and it cannot be resubmitted. 50 extra credit points possible. SOURCES: Must use both class lectures from the power points, and the text. Minimal use of outside sources is permitted, but not required. Major or exclusive use of outside sources will result in lowering of grade. FORMAT (read this carefully): Paper must be submitted as an attachment, either in Microsoft word (.doc/.docx) or pdf. Paper not submitted in these designated formats will NOT BE ACCEPTED. If you use Googledocs or Pages to compose your paper, you must convert it before submission. POINT: You will be allowed two attempts to submit the paper correctly before the deadline, so if you make a mistake on the first submission, only the second one will count. It cannot be re-submitted after the second attempt. YOU are responsible for monitoring your submission, ensuring it is correctly formatted as described above, and corrected if needed. Citations are required in the body of your paper. Use either MLA or APA format. Submit a work cited page. When citing class lectures from the narrated power points, simply write “lecture.” When citing text, simply write the section in the e-book, for example:” 4.3.1” Keep the discussion of your topic areas separate; do not blend or combine them. Use the full topic area title as a heading for each of your discussions. LENGTH: the entire assignment, meaning your two discussions combined, has a 1200 word minimum (600 words per topic area), double-spaced. 1200 words is approximately 4.5 pages. You may go over the minimum without penalty, but you will be penalized if your entire paper is under 1200 words. DUE DATE/TIME: Due date and time posted in submission box. Late papers will be penalized 50%, and no late papers will be accepted 24 hours after due date/time TOPIC AREAS: Using both text and lecture, discuss the experiences, challenges and accomplishments of Free Blacks. Include a profile of three significant Free Blacks. POINT: the three profiles of significant Free Blacks counts as one of the required things to discuss. Maroons and Indigenous Americans made coalitions that were both political and social in nature. Using both text and lecture, discuss the experiences, challenges and accomplishments of their coalitions.

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