Preservation of Archaeological Resources

You are to create a PPT based on one of the topics (listed above) we have discussed (or will discuss) in class. You will need to submit your topic for approval no later than the end of week 2 (5 pts).

Your project must cover the following things:

Definition and explanation of topic (5 pts)
Explanation on why your chose the topic (5 pts)
Examples that illustrate the topic or its uses (10 pts)
Specific archaeological sites or archaeologists using the topic or tied to the topic (10 pts)
Use visual aids (pictures of what you are talking about) (5 pts)
Discuss what the future holds for this topic (will it change, improve, be obsolete, etc.)(5 pts)
A list of your resources (10 pts)
Your project must also meet these criteria:

Have enough information to prove your understanding of the topic (but it should not just be slides with words or a video of words.)

It should NOT be plagiarized in any way (no copying from the book or Google or anywhere else.)

It SHOULD contain at least 3 resources and at least one of them needs to be a book (your textbook does not count.)

A PPT should contain at least 10 slides

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