Macroeconomic Analysis of an Emerging Economy

Complete your paper in a single MS-Word file or PDF document: ~ 5 full pages total, double-spaced, and with your two (2) primary sources listed at the end. Focus on application of the concepts, principles, and policies which have been studied as opposed to statistical data. Your evaluation will be assessed on the ability to apply & critically analyze conditions meaningfully: (1) From the basis of the last three global chapters (including Chapter #22 on The Economics of Developing Countries as well as #Ch. 20 & 21 on International Economics), analyze as many macro economic concepts & theories from the course which you can apply to your own choice of any Asian emerging economy (exclusive of China since we cover much of this economy throughout the course). Your essay should embody the theory & concepts from these three chapters in particular, and from the rest of the course in general (particularly fiscal & monetary policies), to demonstrate the workings of macroeconomics in your choice country. (2) Analyze current macro conditions in 2020 going on now in your chosen economy. This involves some current events; so a little bit of research to help with this part will be necessary. However insure to apply all of your material to the theories developed through each of these three (3) chapters in particular, as well as fiscal & monetary policy making. Avoid replicating all but the most essential data, and concentrate on the basic macroeconomic relationships. Qualitative rather than quantitative analysis is preferred! (3) Draw your own conclusions regarding the prospects for sustained economic development in your selected economy through today’s globalized system to the extent possible. How well is this country integrated into the world economy? Finally, what are the main macro economic hurdles / obstacles which exist for this nation?

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