Can Art stop the war and save the planet

Your essay should be (5) paragraphs long in Times New Roman font (size 12 pt) and double-spaced. It MUST be a WORD document. You can include up to three images in your paper. If you are adding images they should be anecdotal and used as examples of the research you are writing about. For instance if you are discussing Francisco Goya’s Disasters of War you should include a small image with a caption of the work and then refer to the image (above, below, to the right, etc) in your explanation about the work. All images must be cited on your Works Cited Page. Reference Purdue OWL: MLA Formatting and Style Guide on how to cite a photographic reproduction of an artwork under: A Painting, Sculpture, or Photograph. You need to write in complete sentences and in paragraph format. Papers turned in that are not in complete sentences or paragraph format WILL NOT be graded. This paper requires research and will need in-line citations that reference the research you got your information from: “According to…” I expect you to use a minimum of three (3) sources from the available material found in the Art & War reading folder. If you only use these sources I will only require you to use the in-line citations as we have not gone over the MLA Formatting in class yet. If you want to use additional resources that is fine as well, but I will expect in-line citations and a Works Cited page in MLA format. Turning in an incorrect Works Cited page or missing in-line citations will affect your grade. Papers that do not have a Works Cited page WILL NOT be graded and will receive a zero.

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