Advanced Investment Analysis

In this project, you will perform all steps necessary to complete a valuation analysis of the target company and provide an investment recommendation based on your analysis. Here is an outline of the steps you will need to complete: 1. Sector research – study the economic environment where the company operates with a focus on the industry or sector (e.g. sector performance/trends, industry lifecycle, key players, comparable companies, etc.) 2. Company analysis – perform a comprehensive analysis of the company’s business model as well as its financial performance and position (e.g. business segments, end markets, customers, suppliers, financial performance, capital structure, etc.) 3. Excel-based valuation – using templates of a DCF and comps models, you will “translate” your sector research and company analysis into model inputs (e.g. cash flow projections, exit multiple, market risk, etc.). Your inputs and the model will determine the output data on which you will base your investment recommendation (e.g. target price) 4. Valuation report – using the work from the previous three steps, you will produce a report that contains the key elements of your analysis: industry analysis, company analysis (business and financial profile), valuation methodologies and summary, and investment recommendation. MY part is only number 4 .I will put down below 4. Industry overview & competitive positioning (2 pages) a. Industry overview i. Industry structure ii. Key drivers iii. Industry trends b. Competitive positioning (incl. Porter’s five forces & positioning m

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