cooling by oil – LAB REPORTS

Must have a cover page, which includes your name, date, class number & section, the name of the assignment. All work must be typed, 12pt font, double spaced with 1″ margins. Each report is to follow this format: DUE: Each Lab Report is due at the beginning of the following week Thursday lecture. COVER: Name, Date, Class # & Section, Lab # and Lab Name INTRO: Well written in your own words, describe the process and procedures including all formulas & specifics you used to collect the data. Also, including a history of the lab topic. Strict adherence to the plagiarism rules must be followed. EXPLAIN : Detail what you learned, why is important to the course topic & in industry. CONCLUSION: Explain this is significant in terms of manufacturing. CITATIONS: All works, and sources must be cited in standard APA format. The guidelines for plagiarism / copyright dictate that you must re-word the answers in the book using your English skills. Simply coping the answers directly from the book (even cited) word for word is not tolerated.

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