Balance Wheel: how balanced our lives truly are.

As mentioned in our course content, there’s lots going on during early adulthood. We’re trying to figure out who we are and who we want to be. We are trying to identify who we want to be with as well as the academic and professional paths that we want to pursue. It’s as if our lives are just beginning. This activity will allow us to take a look at how balanced our lives truly are. Some background info of me to help with the writing: Going to major in business and plan to someday run my own company, friends and family are a big part of my life and I like spending time with them, fitness is a big part of my life, for fun and rec part i am always hanging out with friends or my significant other, etc. you may change or add any of these you choose to write about. Balance Wheel: Complete the Balance Wheel . How do you do so? Look at the labels on each part of the wheel & use your own personal definition or understanding of what each label represents for you. The more satisfied you are with this aspect of your life, the closer you should draw a line toward the outer part of the circle. The less satisfied you are, the closer your line should be to the center of the circle. Assignment Instructions: Taking an overall look at your Balance Wheel, how balanced is it, in fact? (For example, what you are more satisfied with? Less satisfied with?) If you had wheels on a car that looked like your balance wheel, how balanced would it actually be? Explain. Why do you think that your Balance Wheel looks the way it does? Explain. How do you think this might look differently in the future & why? How does your wheel reflect where you currently are in your life? Elaborate.

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