The database design and development process using the SDLC seven phases.

1. Assume that you will be teaching someone what is involved in order to design and develop a database. 1. Choose either of the following type of database application for your examples. a. Application, or b. Analytics. Which means you will need to state the type of database(s) that you are designing and developing (OLTP, OLAP, EDW). Note: If you are working with another person, one must do the Application example and the other must use the Analytics example. 2. Include a title page: a. CIS3730 Test 5 b. Your name and which example (application or analytics) c. Partner name, if you worked with another person. 3. Use at least one slide per phase. 4. Include the phase, what SDLC activities and deliverables takes place and the associated database activities and deliverables. Add diagrams for each. DO NOT have a slide of paragraphs. 5. You can use the Notes section of your slides to add more details if needed. 6. For the implementation phase, include a diagram of the entire (OLTP) application or (OLAP) example. The types of databases for your source data as well as the type of database your are using for your (application or analytics) example. 7. Do NOT COPY from the text or other materials. Put the information in your own words. 8. You may use diagrams from external materials, lectures, or draw your own. 9. You may also share your diagrams with the other person. But, you just cannot use the same copy (wording) as the other person. Therefore, your presentation, can NOT look and read the same as the another person.

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