Compare and Contrast two psych reports

you may pick any other research report that is similar to the one provided and see how they developed on the ideas of the initial report. it is easy to go onto google scholar type in that reports name and see other reports that have been cited by them. Paragraph 1 [Describe the original paper, which can be a paper described and referenced in class or a paper that was required reading for one of the sections. Provide some context for what the paper was aiming to accomplish. Why is this important? What is the goal?] Paragraph 2 [Describe the goals of the new paper. Was something wrong with the original? Did they want to expand upon some theory or experiment? Or, perhaps they used a different population of participants] Paragraph 3 [What is the methodology of the new paper? Describe the methodology with enough details that someone can understand what the researchers did. If there were specific choices or manipulations relevant to the goals, make sure you describe them!] Paragraph 4-5 [What did the new paper find? What were the results? What do these results mean? Did they find evidence for their hypothesis? Does this expand upon the original paper or challenge it?]

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