Minerals industry recarch assignment

All major mining projects in Canada must pass through an environmental assessment process. A goal of this process is to ensure that mining projects meet the goals of sustainability.

The three pillars of sustainability are often considered to be:

Environmental protection (air, water, plants, animals, health)
Economic growth (benefits to local and national communities, development of long-term economic capacity, jobs)
Social equity (open communication, education, respect, accommodation, improvement in social capacity)
Click on the following link to see mining projects undergoing environmental assessment by the Canadian Government. Choose one of the projects from Saskatchewan, Manitoba or Quebec that interests you then answer the questions below:


If the above link is not working you can use the following link and select “Mines and Minerals” from the “Nature of Project” drop down menu.


Describe the project in one or two paragraphs. Make sure to describe the location of the project.
Provide the date and description of the “Latest Update”.
Provide two reasons that an environmental assessment would be required for this project. The reasons should be specific to this project, not general requirements of an environmental assessment. You may include any external sources (references) that may report specific challenges or updates of the project.
Click on the link “List all documents” then filter for news releases and choose one of them. In one paragraph discuss the contents of this press release.

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