Energy System Design

The aim of this assignment is to develop an energy plan for the province of Alberta (AB). Using the principles of reliability and sustainability, design an energy resource and technology plan for generating electricity in Alberta. That is, how would you convert the existing grid in Alberta to a sustainable and reliable version if redesigning the electrical system from the beginning? The energy resources and technologies considered must be commercially available today. In your discussion be sure to include the following: • What are the qualities of a sustainable and reliable energy system? • What are the electricity requirements for Alberta in terms of peak and average loads now and into the future? • What are the current proportions of energy sources used for electricity generation in Alberta (i.e., how much is oil, coal, wind, solar, etc. in percentages)? • What energy resources and technologies would be used to support your new provincial energy grid? Will they meet future demands? • What is the reasoning for including the chosen energy resources and technologies? • How would your system change if 10% of light vehicles were replaced by electric models? Would your system change if 50% of light vehicles were electric vehicles? In addition, be sure to include relevant assumptions to support claims, and to cite reputable sources to back up arguments, data, calculations, etc. When writing the report please use 11 pt font, Times New Roman, “full” justification, and 1.5 spacing. The body of the report must not exceed 10 pages in total – any additional pages will not be graded. A title page and list of references is not included in the page limit. Your assignment will be graded based on the attached rubric. A very important thing to remember; if you find out Alberta has x amount of wind capacity, y amount of solar capacity, etc, ALREADY installed, you do not need to replace that, but you need to specify what you keep and why.

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