Philosophy paper Great Traditions in Ethics

Choose oneessay topic/ question only.
The essay is to be written as a discussion.
A minimumof 6 double-spaced pages, not counting the cover or the bibliography/ reference page .
Consult at least four other sources in additionto your main textbook and class notes; internet sources acceptable.
Attach a reference page to the back of the essay; MLA or APA style acceptable.
Avoid the use of many quotations; only short quotations are acceptable.
Don’t plagiarizeyour textbook, the internet or each other.


What in your view is a happy life, and can we attain it? If we can become genuinely happy, how? Can an atheist be genuinely happy? What about conservative Christians? Why/ Why not? Is there any group whose members cannot be happy no matter how hard they try? What about those who suffer from excessive poverty or poor health? Why/ Why not?

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