Article Critique activity

Please choose articles from the following list: 1) Robinson, L. E., Rudisill, M. E., Weimar, W. H., Shroyer, J. F., Breslin, C. M., & Morera, M. (2011). Footwear and locomotor skill performance in preschoolers. Perceptual and motor skills, 113(2), 534-538. 2) Iso-Ahola, S. E., Dotson, C. O., Jagodinsky, A. E., Clark, L. C., Smallwood, L. L., Wilburn, C., … & Miller, M. W. (2016). Improving performance by anchoring movement and “nerves”. Human movement science, 49, 239-247. 3) Jagodinsky, A. E., Wilburn, C., Moore, N., Fox, J. W., & Weimar, W. H. (2020). Ankle Bracing Alters Coordination and Coordination Variability in Individuals With and Without Chronic Ankle Instability. Journal of Sport Rehabilitation, 1(aop), 1-8. 4) Oliver, G. D., Gilmer, G. G., Barfield, J. W., & Brittain, A. R. (2019). Differences in trunk and upper extremity kinematics and segmental velocities during the offside forehand polo swing between male and female athletes. Journal of sports sciences, 37(17), 2007-2013. 5) Brinkerhoff, S. A., Murrah, W. M., Hutchison, Z., Miller, M., & Roper, J. A. (2019). Words matter: Instructions dictate “self-selected” walking speed in young adults. Gait & Posture. 6) Friesen, K. B., Zhang, Z., Monaghan, P. G., Oliver, G. D., & Roper, J. A. (2020). All eyes on you: how researcher presence changes the way you walk. Scientific Reports, 10(1), 1-8.

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