Brain Worksheet – Poffenroth

Complete the worksheet below (please copy and paste the instructions into your document).

Biology 54 Brain Worksheet – Poffenroth

For the human experiences listed below, name/describe the specific physical location(s) in the brain that are responsible for each(50 words). If there is a lobe involved, name which lobe. Use… (Links to an external site.) to assist, but you must put each answer into your own words. You may also use any other reputable resources to support your answers. If you copy and paste your answers from the web, you will receive a zero on this assignment. You may not cut and paste anything. Also, do not remove any questions from this worksheet. Just answer directly below the questions.







Social Interactions



Basic Bodily Functions

Movement (Motor) Control

Just as with everything in our body, things can sometimes go wrong. Using the NatGeo website listed above, write a minimum of 100 words per common brain ailment below, in your own words. Do not copy and paste, otherwise you will not receive credit.



Brain Tumor

Next, Go to (Links to an external site.) and re-draw the human brain below. Label all parts. In order to digitize this assignment for Canvas you can do one of the following:

Draw your human brain below, then scan this entire completed document and upload to Canvas


Draw your human brain on a separate sheet of paper. Take a digital photo of your drawing. Upload it to your computer or email to yourself to download. Then insert your photo directly into this worksheet below.

You must physically draw this brain. Do not “draw it” in any digital vector programs such as illustrator/photoshop/etc.

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