African history paper

the questions are in the files I upload.there are five questions, you need to pick three from them. for each one, you need to write one a half pages.I don’t sure which three questions you want to answer, I have some guidelines for all five questions, just in case of you are confused about questions, please take those suggestions, it will help you a lot.

1.for the first question, you can focus on how slam came to africa, who contributed to it, how relationships contributed to it, how islam contributed to rise of Sudanese kingdom(and collapse/disintegration) division between muslim and non-muslim and it contribution to the fall of kingdom.

2.for the second questions, you can focus on why did europe colonies africa, how did they justify it, ending slavery and slave trade.restoring law and order,clvilization, they didn’t say it was to exploit resources nut they did the shit anyway; what would you give the most weight?industrialization but justified with civilization, they swathings that they thought were whack and decided they needed to change it but also resources mmmmm tasty gold.

3.focus on choose a civilization to talk about, how geography contributed to its structure, think about its rise and decline(Zimbabwe Mali Ghana kush civilization are good one to talk about);identify two civilizations and demonstrate how their geography contributed to their trade routes/whatever

4.focus on impact pf Atlantic slave trade on african societies,atlantic slave trade was a transfer of skills knowledge and experience to the new world, african lost productivity(and all of other things)and thus suffered themselves, led to fragmentation of communities and internal communal wars, led to raiding, led to militarization of many african states, ideas spread because no immunity; what does the african economy look like now, what of these is linked to the slave trade, read Walter Rodney’s book apparently ”how europe underdeveloped africa”

5.focus onion women, colonial economic impact on women, female husband, male daughter

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