Observation recording instrument

Craft a n “observation recording instrument”. A pair of examples may help you get the idea, before you begin your literature search.

Consider you are allied healthcare providers. EMT’s and Paramedics, as an example. You typically had to go through demonstration of competency laboratories. The examiner has a ‘skill sheet’ with critical behaviors listed, and often a step by step guide to the specific procedure. Miss a critical step and you would be referred to remediation; miss a minor technique point, and the examiner could record that or give ‘critique’ when you finished.

In hospital settings and Emergency Medical Service (EMS), a similar experience in ‘disaster’ was the donning and doffing procedure for Ebola (or other Viral Hemorrhagic Fever) Personal Protective Equipment, and the “Designated Observer” who would read out the steps, and record the successful completion. The ‘record sheet’ listed the critical observations necessary to complete the task.

Using these models, a check sheet of desired behaviors can be crafter. Perhaps a short observation is used to determine the ‘meaningful’ behaviors of the population that interest the Principal Investigator relating to their hypothesis, or to describe the population (grounded research).

Now the questions are:

After you craft your ‘instrument’ (check sheet, for example), how would you TRAIN your observers to use your instrument? Do you also want them to list interesting, recurring behaviors you have not yet focused on?

Finally, when the instruments are returned, how to you ‘code’ the ‘qualitative data’?

Important Notes:

– It is all about how to collect the best data from the field.

– Comprehensively read the document I attached below to expand your thoughts, or any other related scholarly resource that can help you.

– Use APA format for citation.

– Please carefully read the question than comprehensively answer the questions.

– This assignment is related to Applied research methods course.

– Later, the professor may need some clarification, so please be in touch with after you complete the tas

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