Child with chronic health issues

1. Please read Chapters 5&6 from the textbook.

a. Think about a child you know of who has chronic health issues. (If you don’t know anyone, you can refer to the the case of “Lucy” from Chapter 5 of the text.) How have the health issues affected teh child’s physical, social, and/or cognitive development? What might a teacher need to know/do in order to assist this child in his or her classroom?

b. Compare and contrast a few facets of the theories of Piaget and Vygotsky. Discuss a few major similarities and differences. With whom do you agree with more? Why?

The name of the book is “Child Development and Education”Author: MCDEVITTEdition:4th or 5th Edition (Whicheveris cheaper and easier to get more quickly)Publisher: PEARSONISBN: 9780132486200

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