Bad Apple vs. Bad Barrel as it applies to evolutionary psychology

Please just do an outline of this essay where I can easily fit in my own ideas and thoughts. If you can find outside sources that are peer reviewed this would be a plus (from a psychology, political science or political psychology source).

Does the ‘bad apple’ vs. the ‘bad barrel’ metaphor have any merit within the field of evolutionary psychology? Why or why not? To which of these metaphors- the apple or the barrel- does the concept of authoritarianism fall within? Explain your rationale. Are authoritarian traits among the American electorate ultimately beneficial or harmful to societal cohesion? Consider both evolutionary and social psychological perspectives in your response. Chapter 6 provides several historical examples of presidential administrations falling victim to groupthink. Which of Barber’s presidential typologies lend themselves most easily to groupthink? Justify your response with examples.

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