Music songs analysis

please choose two songs from the list and pick readings to relate to the songs for the writing. Choose and pick from what I attached below.

In the final paper, choose two songs from the listenings list that I attach below to focus on in order to answer one of the following essay questions:
1. In what way does hip-hop constitute another way of knowing, teaching and learning? How does that relate to African American musical and verbal practices?
2. Has hip-hop changed as a medium to voice social protest? Are the issues any different?
3. Describe how hip-hop pushes the recording industry to its limits through its technological innovation, and the impact of those innovations on the legalistic framework through which musical creativity is policed.
4. What are the implications of hip-hop’s expanding audience? How has its urban cosmopolitanism aged within the major music industry?

Sources: Use three scholarly sources OR two scholarly sources and one well-written piece of journalism in your discussion. (You can choose from the assigned/additional readings or use other sources)

The I would give you lists of readings that you’d relate to the songs in the paper, after you pick them up.


20171204022535list_of_readings (1)

20171204022534list_of_lintenings (1)

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