Religious Conflict and Religion and the Economy

Which is more likely to influence the other: Religion or economics? Why? What specific aspects of religious commitment/religion might influence a person’s economic conduct or circumstances?
A) What does Karl Max mean by religion being an opiate to oppressed people? According to Karl Max in what ways can religion be an opiate to oppressed people?
B) What kinds of evidence can you use to support this view of religion? [Mention about five examples]
C) Do you agree with Karl Max’s view that for there to be equality, societies must rid themselves of religion?
Drawing on your experience, knowledge of history, readings and or observations about life in the USA mention and explain 5 ways in which religion serves or has served as a resource to minorities or oppressed people in coping with oppression and in their struggles for change.
How, according to Max Weber did religious beliefs influence the formation of capitalism as an economic system? What criticisms were leveled against Weber?
Explain 4 of the following into details.
A. The spirit of capitalism
B. The protestant Ethic
C. Inter religious conflict
D. Intra- religious conflict
E. Theodicies of disprivilege
F. Theodicies of good fortune
G. The concept of vocation

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