Repairing Windows Notebook Computer

Please answer the questions, below.

This task must be completed individually. Do focus on writing complete sentences with proper punctuation, spelling, and grammar.

Why do notebook computers cost more than desktop computers? (In your own opinion).
Other than price, what reasons might someone consider when deciding to buy a Windows notebook over an Apple notebook? (In your own opinion).
Why would you want to run diagnostic software after you have repaired a notebook and verified the repaired component does work? Elaborate.
To protect the user’s investments in time and money, before disassembling a notebook, what are two very important questions should a technician always ask the user? (In your own opinion).
If a notebook display has a broken inverter, is it worth replacing? Why or why not. (In your own opinion).
Which do you prefer operating system do you prefer; Apple, Linux, or Microsoft and why? (In your own opinion).
Which do you prefer laptop or desktop and why? (In your own opinion).
Keep original writing at 80% and cited content at 20%.

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