Design a residential structure under the CPTED theory

After reading the content addressing CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design), please create a PowerPoint or a Word document that includes both a summary in addition to a photo(s) or a hand-written diagram(s) of a residential structure that has been subjected to the principles of CPTED.

Note: You are welcome to use your own residence for the purposes of this assignment, a neighbor’s house, etc. Just be sure that the subject dwelling of your project is residential in nature.

For example, included below is a photo of an area pre-CPTED. Applying the principles of CPTED, what would you do to alter this environment to make it less attractive to would-be criminals?

You can include strategies that address variables such as lighting, landscaping, cameras, security measures, fences, gates, locks, etc.

but just so u know the pic here is just an example, you will have to find a new one for this assignment

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