Retirement : Older Adults Graying in America

Well this is an urgent matter I need this done by tomorrow morning… Its very important that you follow the guidelines word for word. My topic is Retirement FOLLOW EACH GUIDE LINES

The written assignment should include the following components; students must use statistical data and

scholarly literature to complete this assignment:

Introduction (1 page) (Do not write in 1st Person; do not use “I” statements)
Provide a brief description of the social problem.
Define the nature and parameters of the social problem.
Define the populations most impacted by the problem.
Identify information about the nature of consequences.
Body (4 pages) (Do not write in 1st Person; do not use “I” statements)
Using a theoretical approach (using any theory discussed in class, i.e. systems theory), explain how the specific social problem is created and/or maintained the social, economic, political, media, religious and any other macro level institutions or social arrangements in our society.
Describe how the problem impacts the development and social functioning of the population you have chosen to study.
Explain the social injustices and the oppressive forces that are implicated in the problem.
Conclusion/Student Reflection (1 Page) (Write in 1st Person; do use “I” statements)
Suggest some social work strategies for prevention of and intervention with the problem at the macro level including family, community and institutional levels. What are the main organizations (local and national) currently providing services to this population?
What significance did the article have for you?

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