Art history essay

You have before you some distinguished models of art historical description and some authors with strong views about what description involves and how it should be done. Where do your own sympathies lie? What is the role of description in art history, and what is your own approach to describing?Relate to artists’ intention vs later perception by art historians or audience

Relate to some chinese bronze too.

dont forget to include the reference

but it is just important to include some chinese bronze from the zhou dynasty because this course is related to the chinese bronze

the readings that are related to this topic were :

Pächt, The Practice of Art History, pp. 87-117.
(Robert Bagley, Gombrich among the Egyptians and other Essays in the History of Art. Seattle: Marquand Books, 2015.)

Bagley, Gombrich among the Egyptians, pp. 48-72
(Otto Pächt, The Practice of Art History: Reflections on Method. London: Harvey Miller, 1999)

You dont have to read those but if you want to quote something from it you can use them as reference too!

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