Social and economic stratification

Please write an essay of at least 500 words that addresses the following three related issues. Your essay will be graded on ACCURACY, how thorough you address each of the three questions, spelling grammar and length requirements. Please remember that NO LATE ASSIGNMENTS WILL BE ACCEPTED!

Based on what you have learned about social and economic stratification, how would define poverty?

Using the “War on Poverty” article found in the Week 9 Lesson, how effective has the government been in combating poverty in the United States since the Great Society initiatives of LBJ? How has this initiative hurt or helped people and why- use the research in this article to make your case.

Based on what you have learned about the form and function of our government, is it their responsibility to develop and execute welfare programs? If so why and how should this be accomplished to avoid the ctration of a chronic/generational state of dependency? If not what do you suggest as alternatives?

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