From: R. Prince, Manager, Word Processing Center

To: E. Switzer-Greer, Manager, Personnel Department

Re: Department Policies

Unfortunately, some members of my staff are less than conscientious when it comes to arriving on time in the morning and after their lunch break. In addition some of the word-processing staff is not very motivated to do their best.

I think that the most effective way to reduce this problem would be clear, simple understandable policy to motivate the employees. I have developed the following guideline for punctuality and output:

All employees are to be punctual. At 08:30, which is starting time, I will patrol the word-processing department and make a note of anyone who is late. Anyone who is late three times will be laid off

All employees are to let me know when they go to lunch. They must be back at their desks within one hour. Anyone who is late three times will be laid off.

Based on five years experience with this department, a reasonable quantity of work is 15 pages a day of original typing or 30 pages of revisions. Employee’s annual raises will be based on whether they exceed, meet or fall below this level of output.

Raises will be computed as follow: an employee who exceeds the standard level will receive a 6 percent raise. An employee who meets the standard level will receive a 3 percent raise. An employee who falls below the standard level will receive no raise for the year.

I believe this four-point policy is easy to remember and understand. Please let me know whether you think the policy will be effective in motivating employees to be on time and to work diligently while they are here. Also I’m interested in seeing any suggestions you have for improving this policy.


1. Assume you are the manager of the personnel department; write a response to this memo. To support your position, refer to the motivation theories. In phrasing your response keep in mind that you can benefit by reinforcing certain behaviors of the word-processing manager (such as seeking good policies and consulting you)

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