History and tradition of protest in the United States

History 1302

There is a history and tradition of protest in the United States. Many times these grievances were aired through popular music. What I want you to do is research and find a protest song, then compose a paper putting the song in context of its era.

All papers should have

1. Cover page with your name on it.

2. Second page with the Artist, Title of the Song, and Lyrics. (NOT INCLUDED IN THE LENGTH REQUIREMENT).

3. A well – reasoned essay demonstrating the position of the artist and what event/policy etc. they are protesting. You will need to provide some background for both the artist and for the event/policy etc. How does this artist/song fit in with the times/movement?

One example of a protest song would be Country Joe McDonald and the Fish – “Think I’m Fixing to Die Rag.” This example may not be used by any student. Find your own.

Remember, you are organizing this into a coherent essay based upon historical fact. Some research will be required. This is also a paper that analyzes facts and events not merely lists and reports them. Be sure to read and understand the “Guidelines for Clear Writing in History” and “Guidelines for Grading Exams, Essays, and Papers” to that you are clear about what I expect from you.

Also Remember

1, Paper will be 750 – 1000 words in length.

2. Papers will be double spaced with 10-12 size font.

3. Papers will have one inch margins (top, bottom, left and right).

4. Papers will have a cover page.

5. Your name will appear on the cover page only.

6. Failure to follow direction will result in a deduction of one letter grade per offence

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