Animal rights and environmental protection

The Memoir Essay Draft is the Basis for Creating A Memoir that motivates or inspires you to create a Research Essay. My memoir story about Jahu, Man of the Sea, inspired me to create a research plan for an essay that will explore the theme of animal rights and environmental protection. Likewise the Memoir that you will develop will be the source and context for you creating a second part associated with your Memoir. This second part will be the Research Component of your Memoir Research Essay; however, you will establish your research focus by creating a “Research Outline” that will indicate an overall plan for your Research endeavor. So ideally this process goes like this ===== > 1_Create a “working draft” of your Memoir: (i.e., a personal story) (Due Oct 04); 2_Create an Outline of a Research plan (Due Oct 11 or 12); 3_Produce a dual essay that blends your “developing” Memoir with your Memoir Research essay; (Due Oct 19 – 22)

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