Cybersecurity: Its Importance Due to the Rise of Internet Crime

In this paper, the topic that will be discussed is why cybersecurity is important and how the need for cybersecurity has grown due to the increase of internet crime. First, we will begin with a short history of cybersecurity’s origins. Next, we will discuss why the need for cybersecurity is increasing. Internet crime is a more common occurrence than people think. In this paper, it will be explained why internet crime is increasing the importance of cybersecurity. One discussion will be about what is considered an internet crime. Next will be why does internet crime occur. Followed by that would be the discussion on how internet crime has increased in this digital era. The next point that will be discussed is how cybersecurity is used to interrupt internet crime. We will elaborate on how internet crime can be stopped with the use of cybersecurity. Then it will discuss how people’s everyday lives are directly and indirectly affected by cybersecurity. Finally, with the previously stated points, we can reinforce the completed idea as to why cybersecurity is important. Use appropriate Headings, Subheadings. No plagiarism Note: if 5 consecutive words are the same as the other paper, it is plagiarism, no matter if you cite the initial paper as a reference or not. All authors are responsible for plagiarism if it takes place. The format in Microsoft word Use 1″ margins top, bottom, left, and right sides Use 12 point font, Times New Roman Use single spacing. At least 5 pages. The submission is a *.doc(docx) file.

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