Drama Essay (Literary Analysis)

Compare and contrast two plays that we have read by choosing one of the following topics for a literary analysis essay. Provide equal treatment for each play in the essay. Refer to the text as a play (place in italics) and the writer as a playwright. Use specific examples and details to support your position along with direct quotations from each play. As always, please use the textbook. You may cite the stage directions as well. You would cite it as a regular quote and keep the italics. Provide an analysis of the role that the immigrant experience has in Milcha Sanchez-Scott’s The Cuban Swimmer and Edward Bok Lee’s El Santo Americano. Include any moments of foreshadowing and irony throughout the plays as well to build your argument. Use direct quotes from playwrights and also cite them correctly. Underline the clear augmentative thesis. The sources have to be the playwrights cited correctly. (2 sources cited in MLA) No random sources.

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