A One-Month Marketing Campaign

*** Avoid writing long paragraphs, otherwise, points will be taken. *** Hint: Remember to review your discussions for ideas especially the ones that should benefit your Marketing Plan. For example, We have discussed Pricing, Promotion, & distribution. Revise your original discussion post and add more concrete information so that your client might be interested! The strategies you propose should be actionable & practical. Here is a detailed guideline for your Part C as well as Points for each part. Suggest guideline ________________________________________________________________ 1. Create an appropriate Cover for your submission. 2. Section 1: Marketing Mix Strategy (include action plans with each specific strategy) Consider using a table or tables illustrating changes/suggestions for each”P”. Please do not recap what your client is doing now but propose new strategies based on your previous analysis in Part I, as well as your own discussions in relevant assignments This is a chance for you to present the marketing campaign/plan you have been researching and analyzing for in the past 6 weeks. Be specific but not a long paragraph! This part should be Actionable! — You could consider using PiktoChart.com to create infographic or flowchart to present your Marketing Campaign Plan. Product Strategies — 2 points Identify what product/service your marketing campaign/plan will be promoting Is it an existing one? Or, your client needs to develop one? If it is an existing one, what issues are the current marketing plan facing? How does your marketing plan avoid issues and solve the problems? Use screenshots, or other visual tools to introduce the product. How is the product promoted now? Use screenshots or images. What is the major reason that causes in-effective marketing results? Create a new Marketing Campaign message(s) using online tools, PiktoChart, WishPond, HubSpot, Ontrapot, etc. If it is a to-be-developed one, how should the product/service be different from the previous one? (list out features/functions of this new-developed service/product) Pricing Strategies — 2 points Use a table to compare and contrast your client’s current pricing strategies with their two major competitors. List out pricing issues your client is facing. One item, 1-2 sentence explanation. you could also use Piktochart in here. Explain how your marketing campaign would solve the issues briefly. No long paragraph writing. Use bullet points. Decide whether you will lead, follow, or ignore changes in competitors’ pricing. What new pricing strategies do you plan to implement? Be specific. A Timeline will be good in the coming month. Place/physical distribution — 2 points Identify the distribution channels through which your products/services will be made available to the target market/end users. Remember Distribution Channel should start from the suppliers and then end at the consumption point. Discuss how your marketing campaign plan to involve/cut any channel members to improve the distribution channel and to increase the value Alliances, partners, middlemen, etc. Promotion Strategies –8 points This part must contain at least one sample marketing campaign materials, visual arts. Set the general tone for your marketing campaign — whether your company will be a market category leader, follower, challenger, or niche player and then choose appropriate marketing strategies for this business. Choose one or two appropriate marketing strategies, that should work for a market leader, follower, challenger or niche Create a set of marketing campaign materials you will use to promote product/service. It needs a slogan that could be presented on all marketing materials Traditional media It should include a self-created flyer or print ad with appropriate pictures and marketing messages on it. Digital media A website landing page If the business doesn’t have a website, please create a sample webpage for business using online tools. If the business does have one, then revise their current landing page to be used during the marketing campaign – one month. WishPond is a good tool to use. Social media message If the business doesn’t have social media accounts, please create sample social media messages for the business If the business does have social media accounts, please create a marketing campaign message to be launched on social media. Ontraport or Hubspot should do. Decide on who will represent the product, a spokesperson, justify your choice, and include this cost in the budget table. Include an image of this spokesperson. DO NOT use a celebrity. Digital Influences are fine! Use a table to outline how you plan to promote the message in at least two communication channels Or a flow-chart personal level Social media platforms traditional media — Small business, you could consider bill-board, moving ads, flyers, other digital media Indicate how you will use the Promotional Mix to communicate your product or service uniqueness to the market PiktoChart should do Summarize how your marketing campaign could help your client enhance their Brand image 3. Section 2 — Use Charts to illustrate marketing organization structure with specific positions and job descriptions that fit your marketing Campaign — 2 points A FlowChart should be used and use a paragraph to explain the changes you suggest May use the PowerPoint to develop the chart, easier than in word. Implementation — issues include: (2 points) Design one promotional event for your marketing campaign and explain in short paragraphs: Who is responsible for various issues How the strategy should be carried out Where things will happen, and When the different actions should take place A flow-chart or any other visual tools could do the work. Marketing budget (1 point) — One month! Use a Table for this part Staffing Costs (be sure to include endorser’s salary) Promotion Costs Other Miscellaneous Costs Conclusion (1 point) You could use two short paragraphs for this section Reflect how practical and actionable your plan is and identify at least two limitations of your plan

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