Persuasive Communication-context-based analysis

Study one of the following areas of persuasion and perform a context-based analysis. You should select a specific context or setting in which compliance-gaining occurs and examine the range of strategies and tactics used both by those seeking to influence and those seeking to resist influence attempts. Choose one of these contexts to analyze: adolescent peer influence (persuasion and compliance gaining) law enforcement (compliance gaining) parenting (compliance gaining) intimates (compliance gaining) teaching and education (compliance gaining) lobbying (persuasion) charitable fund-raising and philanthropic giving (persuasion and compliance gaining) cult conversion and deprogramming (persuasion and compliance gaining) war or political propaganda (persuasion and compliance gaining) phishing or spoofing (persuasion) organizational compliance gaining (Enron) sales (compliance gaining/persuasion) leadership (compliance gaining / persuasion) physician-patient influence (persuasion and compliance gaining) public health awareness campaigns (D.A.R.E., condom use, Just Say No, etc.) (compliance gaining) shock ads, subvertising (persuasion) advertising (persuasion/compliance gaining) social movements (pro-choice/pro-life, animal rights, promise-keepers, etc.) (persuasion) domestic violence (persuasion) online or face-to-face bullying (persuasion and compliance gaining) child predators (persuasion) Ponzi schemes (persuasion) involvement in lynch mobs and riots (persuasion) grassroots movements (choose a particular movement) juries (persuasion) Your task is to identify the primary strategies, tactics, and forms of influence that characterize or typify compliance gaining or persuasion in the particular context. You should also demonstrate that you have a solid grasp of the literature in the particular context. Your paper should reflect your understanding of theories, concepts, and processes central to the context you’ve chosen. You are encouraged to use your own insights, analysis, or perspective on how persuasion or compliance gaining functions in the context you’ve chosen, but only after demonstrating a thorough knowledge of the literature. Make knowledgeable and valid recommendations for persuasive attempts to be more successful. Indeed, if your approach is entirely descriptive in nature (e.g., you just reiterate what the research shows), you probably will not receive an “A.” The length of your paper will depend upon the context you select, the amount of previous research, etc. I’ll be reading the papers, not weighing them, to determine grades. However, 7-10 pages is appropriate. Turn in: 1) Your paper by attaching to this assignment; 2) with a list of at least 15 academic (credible, reliable, valid) references on your topic; and 3) an annotated bibliography on those references. You may have additional non-academic sources, videos, articles, etc.

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