Famous deaf person- Lauren Ridloff (actor)

When you write about a Deaf and hard of hearing person, please make sure not to use a phrase, “hearing impaired”. When referring to culturally Deaf people your instructor recommends that you capitalize the word Deaf, (even though capitalization of “Deaf” may not yet be common in the mainstream media). It is okay to use the full phrase “Deaf and hard of hearing people” at least once during your paper or article near the beginning — but afterward for efficiency sake just use the term “Deaf.” After you have used the full phrase you do not need to add the “hard of hearing” phrase each time. When directly quoting a source — yes you need to use the words that the source used — but if writing your own words then you should use the terminology preferred by the Deaf community.

Instructions for typing your paper:

Use either Arial or New Times Roman font; size 12
Double space
On the top right of the paper, put down your name, date and the course name and number (no double space)

This assignment is 40 points. Upload your research paper in the “Famous Deaf/DeafBlind/Hard of Hearing Person” folder under the Assignments tab on D2L by Monday, November 30th 11 PM.

ASL Research Paper Rubric
Item: Needs improvement Okay/good Excellent
500 words or more Fewer than 500 words. 500 words that for the most part make sense and sort of flow well. 500 or more words that make sense and flow well.
3 or more citations in the body of the article. No mention in your article of where you got your ideas from. Less than 3 citations included or incorrect format. 3 or more citations, in correct format.
3 or more references at the bottom that go with the citations. No reference list at the bottom of your article telling people how to find the material from which you got your ideas. Less than 3 references included, incorrect format, or can’t backtrack to the actual information. 3 or more complete and traceable references to credible sources.
2 YouTube/Internet Links No links provided. Less than 2 links. 2 or more links.

Instructions for how to write a paper that gets you an “F” for your research paper:
1. Browse the internet and cut and paste until you have 500 words worth of plagiarized information.
2. Change a word here and there. Rearrange the information a bit so it looks like you are writing it.
3. Format it really nice.
4. Put your name on it and send it in.
Note: the way to avoid plagiarizing is to document your sources and give credit (via citing) where credit is due.

Acceptable references:
In the main section of your paper when you use another author’s idea or words you can give them credit by putting the last name of the author and the year the author wrote or documented the idea — for example, (Vicars, 2001). Then at the end of your document you put the word “References” followed by a list of the books and articles which influenced your writing.

If reference is a book:
Author’s last name, first initial. (year). Title of book–underline it. Place of publication: Name of publisher.

Vicars, W. (1998). Sign Me Up! Salt Lake City, Utah: Lifeprint Institute.

If reference is a Journal:
Author’s last name, first name. (year). Title of journal article only capitalize the first letter. Name of journal underline it. Volume number, starting page number-ending page number.
Below is a “made up” example:

Smith, John. (1999). Teaching ASL online. Journal of ASL. 7, 139-156.
If you find an online source that specifies the actual author’s name, date of publication, title of the document, and name of the publisher. If you can’t find all of that information you can still use the source but it is not as good of a source as a source that provides all of that information. Remember, your goal is to use an original source document (even if it is just web-based). Avoid just quoting some other student’s research paper leads to watered down research. Instead find true experts in the area you are researching.

If reference is a web page:
Author’s last name, first name. (Year, Mo. day). Title of the article or web page goes here, underline it and only capitalize the first letter and words that are always capitalized. Title of the journal, general website, or book goes here. Name of the publisher or the sponsoring organization goes here. Retrieved day, Mo. Year: .

Vicars, William. (2001, Jan. 4). Nonlinguistic communication. Lifeprint Library. ASL University. Retrieved 12, Feb. 2001: .
Hawk, Lori. (2007, Aug. 22). Hearts and Hands: ASL Poetry. Lifeprint Library. ASL University. Retrieved 06, Sept. 2007:

Instruction The following checklist of questions will help you How to write a research paper that gets an “A” grade:

Share details about this Deaf, DeafBlind, or Hard of Hearing person, their struggles/accomplishments, and why they are famous.

Add a photo of this person. (A few photos will be accepted)

Add two YouTube/Movie/Internet links.

Did I do a researchpaper rather than a “book report?” (Research papers utilize multiple, credible references, not just one resource).
Did I document where I got my information? Did I cite at least 3 pieces of information in my references?

Even if I have changed “every word” in the sentence– if I have borrowed someone else’s idea–did I provide a reference? Ideas gathered from reading please cite.

Did I use parenthetical expressions (citations) at the end of ideas that I have gotten from other people? Do these citations correspond to full references at the end of the paper? Citations in the body of my paper use an opening parenthesis, author’s last name, comma, year of publication and a closing parenthesis. For example (Vicars, 2001).

Is my paper 500 words or more? *Excluding the Works Cited and YouTube/internet links.

Is my paper organized with an introduction, body, and a closing?

Have I checked my paper for spelling and grammar errors?

Have I asked a friend or colleague to read my paper and give me feedback?

The essay must be in Word Doc or PDF only.

Did I submit my paper to the ASL research folder in the assignments tab on D2L on time?

Did I double check that the attached file is easily opened and readable on D2L?

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