Performance enhancing drugs

Performance enhancing drugs are bad because they propose a disadvantage towards the other competitors during time of competition. What if there was a time frame where anybody can take it prior to competition? For example, what if they can only take the drug in order to work out or get a edge but they are required to stop during a time frame? Who decides the limitation on how much you can gain?

Now I know where will be some downside to this as far as drug abuse and other side effects but my counter argument could be that people are responsible for there own actions. If they decide to abuse the drugs they are taking that means during the competition of their decided sport they wont be at an advantage which was the whole purpose for taking the drug. I want to go into the advancement of how we actually look at performance enhanced drugs. which technological advances are put in place to detect or monitor the rate of drugs

also one section I want to discuss other legal drugs and why they are used to help athletes. I also want actually examples of athletes both male and female that are required to take drugs to make competition fair (Ex. women with high testosterone) and those who just take them just because they want a edge

I want this to be ARGUMENTATIVE essay with BACKED UP FACTS. I want pick a side but also give good counter arguments. Use different experts within this paper to back up your topic. You can use quotes from different scholarly sources. FIND SOURCES TO BACK UP ARGUMENT PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MAKE SURE THE TRANSITIONS ARE SMOOTH AND NOT ALL OVER THE PLACE. each paragraph should follow the last one stated. make sure it make sense

make sure the introduction is clear what side I Want to talk about and the body paragraghs are full with DETAIL AND HARD EVIDENCE

for the conclusion I want to make guesses about the nature of the sport’s future and the future of the such drugs mentioned in the paper. make sure its a strong conclusion that doesn’t just restate the introduction

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