Research about Emergency Evaluation

The report will be on a topic appropriate to the course subject matter.  Most of the information will be obtained during a literature search of the topic and or collection of data via survey, inspections, etc. Sources may include references such as books, journals articles, internet sources, and/or news articles, interviews, etc.  There is no intent to publish the information or data you collect.

This report is worth the number of points indicated in the course syllabus.  Length of the paper is as outlined in the syllabus, but typically will be 5-8 pages (double spaced). For the Summer 2019 classes 7 pages on average, not counting the cover page or appendices.  The paper should follow APA Style Manual (current edition).

The report will include the following headings:

Introduction – General opening comments introducing the topic to the reader. Also tell

how/why you picked this and how the topic is related to the subject of this course.

Literature Review – A brief overview of some of the key publications on this topic.

Methods – This should be relatively brief since most of it will be based on a literature search.  I want to know how you got your information and about how much time you spent researching the topic. Not including an methods section will cost the student

Findings or Results – Summary of the library research information found on the topic, written in your own words in complete narrative sentences. This should include, but is not limited to, the following types of information, as applicable and appropriate: chronological background/biographical information, pertinent dates and places of occurrences/events, investigative findings, statistical data, and remediation or corrective actions taken, etc.

Discussion and/or Conclusion – Closing comments, – Closing comments, including explanation of why this information is of importance. Why should we care about it.

References – This should allow the reader to locate the source(s) of information.  Use APA style. Be sure references are cited in the text.

Optional Sections (you do not have to have this in your paper):


Recommendations (if appropriate)

Table of contents

All papers should be typed. They will be assessed for content/accuracy, sufficient details, neatness, spelling, and grammar.

To receive an A on the paper you should do the following:

Correctly cite references in the text (using APA style),

Have a suitable number of references (e.g., more that one 5 or more is a good number),

Paper should be of suitable length.

Be sure that you have all of the required sections of the paper

Read the paper out-loud to yourself before you send it to me

Have someone else read the paper for you as other people can often pick up mistakes the author misses

The rubric for grading is as follows:

Each required section: 10% each, thus 60% total..

Grammar 10%.

Formatting 10%.

Properly citing references in the text (mainly the literature review) 20%.

Guidelines For Research Papers For Students Of Dr. John N. Zey

Guidelines For Research Papers For Students Of Dr. John N. Zey

Page —Last Revised Summer 2019

Last Revised Summer 2019


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