National Government Business administration

Below are ten questions. Please reply to the quiz questions in short essay answers. Try to keep responses to approxametly 200 words per qustion .Please answer each question directly. Being wordy does not help your grade and could lower your score because your answer may not end up communicating the answer effectively. Remeber to use your Glossary Index, and text readings to present the best answer.

1. What percentage of the people surveyed in the study discussed in your text Ch.10, believe that the media is biased and why?

2. Identify and explain three reasons from your text Ch.9 that point out, why citizens do not vote?

3. What are the two ways your text’s Ch. 11 points out individuals through the use of new information technologies promote polarized partisanship and extremism?

4. What is Congressional Oversight, and what is its function, see Ch12?

5.Explain the evolution of Presidential Power and provide examples. Also, how is the executive’s power ultimately checked, see Ch13?

6. When political scientist use the term “iron triangle,” what are they discussing? Make sure to describe and explain the entire working concept and name the six stages of the Policy Process. See Chs. 7 and 14.

7. What is “Judicial Review” and what case decided this ruling, see Chs. 2 and 14?

8. Please identify and define isolationism and interventionism. Then, using the brief history detailed in Ch. 18, explain why one of these two approaches to foreign policy in your opinion have served best for the United States?

9.Explain two of the public benefits that are derived from the Tools of Domestic Policy, see Ch.17.

10. After reviewing the definitions for a tax expenditure and a cash transfer, please explain any similarities you can identify with the intended results of these two provisions, see Chs. 16 and 17.

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