Cultural Landscape assignment

1. Ordinary landscape – Chinatown Vancouver

2. Symbolic landscape – Amazing Laughter statues

3. Sacred Space – holy rosary cathedral vancouver

The place I have selected are mentioned next to title.

You can easily find these places on Wikipedia .

We need to write about 900 – 1000 words on these 3 landscapes.

I have attached the assignment file below and will send textbook pictures with page numbers which you will need to read before starting the assignment.

I will send you textbook pictures which you must read before starting because last time for this course first assignment , you did your job well, but you did not do assignment according to instructors requirements and she gave me 25 out of 100.

So make sure you do everything according to textbook and instructor requirement please.

I don’t want to waste your and my time.

Textbook only pages you need to read

I have sent you PDF file with all locations pics

You can insert those pics or browse from google because I’m gonna take my pics in evening and that I will insert by myself. You can use pics without me in pics

These are 3 locations, we are writing on

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