The role of Emotional Intelligence

In a paper for your professor, do the following:
• Find two scholarly research articles in the Rasmussen library related to a research question you are interested in. Indicate the research question. Be sure to provide APA citations and provide the library permalinks for the two articles.
• Evaluate how data was used in these studies:
o Is the data credible and reliable? Support your answer.
o Is the data well documented in the paper? Support your answer.
o Evaluate the data analysis and interpretation. Does the data support the hypothesis and help answer the research question? Support your answer.
• Discuss the ethical issues that may arise as you conduct your research study. How will you address those issues?
These are the scholarly research articles I got from Rasmussen library, please put the URL into google and follow you will find the article.

Cost of debt and corporate information transparency under economic depression: the case of Greek family-controlled firms.

Accounting Offshoring: The role of Emotional Intelligence.

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