Ethical and privacy considerations Case Study

1: Using Case Study 12-1 (pp. 275-276) from your text what are the ethical and privacy considerations in processing the buying habits of customers undertaken by Stop & Shop? Explain the value of the data, the responsibilities of the company, and how the normative theories of business ethics are applied.

2: Using Case Study 11-1 (pp. 254-255) from your text answer discussion question 1 (p. 255). Based on your answer develop and support your own strategy for development including the application of outsourcing or insourcing.

3: Using Case Study 9-1 (pp. 205-206) from your text answer Discussion Question 1 (p. 206). After answering the question provide at least three recommendations that you would make to the CIO to improve governance. You must explain the rationale of your recommendations and support those recommendations.

4: Using Case Study 6-2 (p. 146) from your text answer Discussion Question 3 (p. 146).


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