Children’s Home Society of NC

Children’s Home Society of NC is a non-profit organization that focuses on promoting the right of every child to permanent, safe, and loving families (CHSNC, n.d.). This organization focus on compassion, integrity, excellence, and innovation (CHSNC, n.d.). Founded in the year 1902, the Children’s Home Society of North Carolina started out with a group of visionary and compassionate businessmen (CHSNC, n.d.). Their goal at the time was to provide homes to children who needed a home and a child for a home that needed a child (CHSNC, n.d.). These men provided stability and integrity that has guided the organization for more than 100 years now (CHSNC, n.d.). Today, through the Children’s Home Society, individuals and families has access to services such as adoption, foster care, family preservation, parenting education, professional training, and teen pregnancy prevention (CHSNC, n.d.).

Performance Management

Performance management is a motivational strategy where leadership measures performance throughout the organization (Laureate Education, 2014). Performances are measured on different levels of the organization as well (Laureate Education, 2014). Performance goals are set within the organization and then measured (Laureate Education, 2014). Performance management would be an effective motivational strategy for the employees of the Children’s Home Society of NC because a set of goals of assisting children and families can be set for the employees to meet. For example, a number can, be set for the number of children that should be placed within the month. The employees must then strive to meet such numbers. This progress can be reviewed at monthly or quarterly meetings. At the meetings, actions can be discussed such as what is working, what is not and what changes or improvements should be made (Laureate Education, 2014). Also, to initiate the goals set out to be met, rewards may be created, such as salary increases for those who meet such goals.


Communication is yet another motivational strategy that may be effective within the Children’s Home Society of NC organization. Leaders communicating with their employees would lead to developing an understanding of the employee’s personalities and needs (Cohen, et. al., 2013). Leaders can communicate with their employees to find out what is needed for he or she to be an essential part of their clients lives. To be specific, what is needed to place such child in a foster home, what is needed to provide education to the clients, and what is needed to finalize adoptions. This strategy would be applied by communicating with the employees to find out what is needed, then his or her duties can be adjusted, and incentives may be put into place (Cohen, et. al., 2013).


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