Organizational Culture Assessment

Your assignment is to conduct a Corporate Culture Assessment of the organization for which you work or one which you are familiar with. You are to write a 1000-1050 words paper, that includes at least 3 references; of which 2 are to be from peer review articles from the University library (you can use your text as the third reference). Your paper is to be written in APA format. Include in your paper detailed answers for each of the questions listed below:

    1. You are to write your paper from the perspective of a change agent.
    2. Be sure to include concepts, theories, and ideas from course readings.
    3. Assess an organization’s culture; and provide a 500- word overview of your assessment
    4. Make one recommendation for change that you think would increase organizational performance.
    5. Incorporate concepts from the course with a focus on chapters 14 and 16 of Kinicki and Fugate (2018).
    6. Use APA format
    7. Submit your paper.

Your culture assessment should respond to or consider the following questions as the basis of your analysis.

  • What are some formal statements that are prevalent in the organization? These could include the organization’s philosophy, mission, vision, values and any promotional material you may be familiar with.
  • What do these statements suggest to you about the organization work environment and climate?
  • What slogans, language, or sayings are prevalent in the organization? How are they used to socialize employees?
  • What deliberate role modeling, training, and teaching are emphasized in the organization?
  • What explicit rewards and status symbols are used to motivate employees?
  • Are there any stories, legends, and myths that are familiar to employees and customers that create organizational identity or brand?
  • Describe some organizational activities, processes, or outcomes leaders’ measure and control.
  • What type of organizational goals and associated criteria are used for employee selection and performance evaluation?
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