Sickle cell Disease

Most cite 2 medical/nursing journals peer reviewed that are dated greater than 2014

Discussion Forum Questions. Remember to have a professional nursing reference for all discussion forum assignments.

1. Tony talks about how the lady came round and talked to him and his sister. In your opinion, was this done appropriately? Are there any issues around ethical practice that arise from this action? How could the information have been given to Tony and his sister differently?

2. If you have contact with patients with sickle cell disease, what has been your experience of pain management? Reflect on ways in which it may be possible to improve pain management in your own practice?

3. How could this story change your current practice?

4. Do you think that this could happen in a hospital in the United States today or do you think that the nursing staff is educated on the this genetic disorder (Sickle Cell Disease) and therefore, educates their patents and families?

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