The Four Definitions of Art

This assignment covers chapters 1 & 2.

For this assignment, read the following questions first, and then choose only one of the questions and write a short paper of 300-500 words in MS Word .docx format, save and upload it to the submission folder. Remember, respond only to one question. You will not get credit if you answer all of the questions.

1. Briefly describe the four definitions of art presented, and indicate one strength and one weakness of each.

2. Give an example of a work of art or architecture that shows an artist’s personal need to create and another example of a work that shows a communal need.

3. List the six elements of design first and then describe how four of the six elements of design are used in Figure 2.5 Edgar Degas, After the Bath, Woman drying herself and in Figure 2.25 Jocho, Seated Buddha.

4. List the five principles of design first and then choose an image from Unit 2 and discuss three of the five principles of design present in the image you selected. Describe how those three principles appear in your image.

Any use of sources must be documented in MLA style. You should only use signed sources (that is, sources that have a named author). Wikipedia should not be used as a source itself. Read through your paper several times before you submit, revising where your prose is unclear or needs further explanation and correcting any errors in spelling, grammar or syntax.



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