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need a writer that is familiar with accounting specially with FASB Accounting Standard Codification. I have a research question that should be answered using a special website, I will upload a document contains many slides. slide # 131 through 140 completely shows how to use this website. Slide 131 shows the link for finding the website, slide 132 show how the writer enters username and password(I will give username and password). when the writer enters the username and password, the terms and conditions should be accepted. After that, the writer sees webpage that looks like slide 133. there are two boxes that the writer should enter the keywords. keyword for my research probably are film, significant change and revenue recognition. Slide 139 and 140 shows a sample research question and answer. The writer should use this format and answer my question, the answer should be not necessary too long, just 3/4 paragraph is enough, but the answer should be correct based on the FASB codification. For every rule that writer find in this website should use in-text citation like sample in slide 140.



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