Social and economic vulnerabilities

Social and economic vulnerabilities can affect the hazard risk of individuals and of communities. Vulnerability causes differences in the effect a disaster has on those who are exposed to a particular hazard. Choose one of the hazards described in this chapter, and explain how the social or economic vulnerabilities that exist among a particular vulnerable group in your community (e.g., the elderly, the young, the disabled) affect how this particular hazard might affect them. For instance, the elderly may be more vulnerable to a flood given their reliance on caregivers who may be unable to reach their house if transportation routes are blocked. Indicate in your answer the following:

The hazard
The vulnerable group
Three or more special vulnerabilities that affect the way this group is impacted by this hazard, and what that impact would likely be
Submit your results in a 3-4 page Word document, Times New Roman, 12 point font.


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