Distributing and Promoting Products

Please answer the following chapters’ discussion questions in form one or more paragraphs with full citing.

Chapter 13 assignment: Discussion questions 12-16, pg 393

Chapter 14, assignment, Discussion questions 2-5, pg 429-430

-Need: All questions are not answered (In YOUR OWN WORDS)

-Need: All answers must be numbered,

-Paragraph, Needs to be (THREE or MORE sentences.)

-Not Allowed: Statements starting with opinions, “I feel, I think, I believe, in my opinion, in my view, etc” Start with facts then state your opinion.

-Need: Citation of sources on the bottom of page

-Paragraphs must be double spaced

Sample of Citing the textbook:

Pride, William M., and Robert James Hughes. Foundations of Business, 6th edition. Cengage Learning, 20165.

please add five works cited for me,


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