Watch the Lynda.com video from start to end “Web Technology Fundamentals” with James Williamson.

Click Here for the Video
The entire video series is approximately 2 hours in length.
Log in in with your Stratford credentials.
Save your “Certificate of Completion” for uploading in Lesson 4 area.

Read the Article, “Make Sure Your Small Business Website Does These 5 Things”. This video will help you to complete Module 4 assignment.

Click Here for the Article

As a Web Design Consultant, your Client is interested in a simple inexpensive website to promote a new business. The client has asked you for your advice on what information should be listed on the website. Using the Learning Resource article, describe 5 important things that a web site should have in order to successfully promote a small business.

Use the article, “Make Sure Your Small Business Website Does These 5 Things” to help you.
Upload your work as a Word Document to Moodle.


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